Emily M.
Edmonds, WA

We absolutely loved Great Kids Academy! My son went there for 6 months until I became a temporary stay at home mom and when I go back to work Rayka said our son can come back anytime! There is no other place I would even consider for his daycare and preschool.

The entire staff is welcoming, well educated, loving and extremely attentive to every child in their care. The little things I appreciated the most was when I dropped my son off in the morning Lucy was always there to welcome him with a smile and say "hi Jonathan!" the same way everyday to create a healthy sense of routine. I also loved how my son had his own spaces (nook for personal items, coat hanger, name tag) in his classroom and his artwork hung on the wall and .the teachers would even send me home with art projects from time to time to hang up on our own fridge. His primary teacher was Olga and she is literally the sweetest girl in the world, so patient and kind and all of the kids loved being with her. Alicia was in the daycare room when my son first started going there and she is fantastic at giving updates, positive feedback and has lots of childcare experience under her belt which is recognizable everyday. All the teachers are equally as sweet as the next. The entire staff is so upbeat and children thrive around them.

Every day my son left there with a smile on his face and hugged all of his friends before leaving which can be uncommon for a 1-1/2 year old. Rayka is a hard working mom who also goes to college and runs a full time business. She's smart, compassionate and cares about everybody; the staff, kids and their parents needs. Being a first time mom I was unsure about what to expect from daycare and they have set my mind at ease 100%! Rayka even reached out to my husband to do the plumbing in the new facility because she can also respect small businesses to look out for each other. To this day every time we drive by Great Kids Academy my 2 year old son waves and says "hi!!" to his school even though he hasn't been there for a few months. When I go back to work they will be my first stop. I hope it's yours too! This place is the best!

Liu S.
Seattle, WA

If you are looking for a high quality but affordable preschool, Great Kids Academy is definite the one you've been searching for. This is an absolutely amazing place! They have young enthusiasm teachers, tons of educational toys in good conditions, and outstanding preschool lessons! we are extremely happy that we found this place for my son. We just moved from California to Seattle, everything here is so new so different, teacher Rayka the owner of the facility answered all my questions patiently and made us felt relax and comfortable instantly.

Yesterday was my son's first day in great kids academy, when I picked him up he told me he liked this place and liked the teachers, he smiled happily to show me his art work, I am so proud of him and so glad I found this right place for him.

Great Kids Academy is a brand new center, it may doesn't have so many years experience but still doesn't effect the quality care it provides. Child development is also my major, so I am extremely picky for choosing the preschool for my son. I went to see many daycare providers including home daycare and centers, either their quality too low or the prices too high. Great kids academy is a perfect place, as soon as we entered the facility, I got attracted by the colorful decoration and the cute pirate ship, and my son was totally lost himself in the tons of toys :)

Great kids academy gives people an "expensive" impression, but surprisingly they are NOT! they are affordable, I would say it is one of the cheapest facility I found. You can simply give them a call and tour this place, you will be impressed just as I was. As a parent if you have any questions, I would love to help too, just sending me a message in yelp. Over all, I am highly recommend this place.